This book contains 4 stories, the main one being 'If it bleeds'.
However, in my opinion the short story 'Life of Chuck' is the brilliant one from this book; It took me reading to the last page to get the message King is trying to send. And I love that message. If you want to find out why the coming sentence is brilliant in multiple ways, definitely read this story.


I also loved 'MR Harrigans phone', but mostly because of the interaction between the main characters. They have a special bound in a very normal, non-exxagerated way. That was the thing that captured me, not so much the story itself.

'Rat' is a nice, quick-to-read story but it didn't really catch me. I mean, it's a nice story, but not one that really left an impression.

'If it bleeds' is absolutely a must read for everyone that cuaght the MR. Mercedes fever. I know I did, and I especially like the fact that our dear Holly Gibney is the main character. She deserved it. You also get to know more about Holly's family, which adds a nice touch for the Holly-fans.

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If It Bleeds - Stephen King
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