That is because when I started reading this book yesterday I could not put it down whatsoever!

12 years ago Macy Mercer got kidnapped, luckily she returned home. Now tragedy strikes again as Macy's niece is also taken away when her dad is just a moment distracted while texting to his boss. Ironical is that he was asking a day off in order to spend it with Ariana. The internet and social media explode with hate-messages for him, but no-one blames him more than he himself. It contains a strong warning about the dangers of and hurt and pain that can be caused by the irresponsible use of social media and internet platforms.
One of the detectives working on the case is someone who also worked on the abduction of Alex' sister and together they get on the trail of a serial killer who's been taking girls for 30 years.

I didn't know it when I started reading but this book is a spin-off from the serial 'Gone' by the same author. And from what I've learned this is also the first book in a larger series.

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Girl in Trouble - Stacy Claflin
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