Broken river van J. Robert Lennon

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J. Robert Lennon is nog nooit vertaald, maar deze Amerikaanse auteur en schrijfdocent heeft toch al acht romans en twee verhalenbundels op zijn naam staan. De publicatie van zijn achtste roman is een uitstekend moment om kennis met hem te maken. Lees een sneak preview én schrijf je in voor de online leesclub. We zoeken 15 enthousiaste lezers.

Broken river is de achtste roman van J. Robert Lennon, de auteur die men de 'meester van het literaire schrijfregels breken' noemt. Het boek is deels thriller, deels familiedrame en deels gothic horror noir. Het laat zien wat de consequenties zijn van de bedrieglijkheid van mensen en de soms gruwelijke kracht die het verleden op het heden kan toepassen. Maar pas op... de flaptekst hieronder is al eng...

'The most inventive and entertaining novel to date from a master of the dark arts.' - Kelly Link

'A writer with enough electricity to light up a country.' - Ann Patchett

'Sophisticated, suspenseful ans satisfying throughout - Broken River is a first-class ride.' - Lee Child

Broken river

A modest house in upstate New York. One in the morning. Three people - a couple and their child - hurry out the door, but it's too late for them. As the virtuosic and terrifying opening scene of Broken River unfolds, a spectral presence seems to be watching with cold and mysterious interest. Soon the house lies abandoned, and years later a new family moves in.

Karl, Eleanor, and their daughter, Irina, arrive from New York City in the wake of Karl's infidelity to start anew. Karl tries to stabilize his flailing art career. Eleanor, a successful commercial novelist, eagerly pivots in a new creative direction. Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Irina becomes obsessed with the brutal murders that occurred in the house years earlier. And, secretly, so does her mother. As the ensemble cast grows to include Louis, a hapless salesman in a carpet warehouse who is haunted by his past, and Sam, a young woman newly reunited with her jailbird brother, the seemingly unrelated crime that opened the story becomes ominously relevant.

Hovering over all this activity looms a gradually awakening narrative consciousness that watches these characters lie to themselves and each other, unleashing forces that none of them could have anticipated and that put them in mortal danger. Broken River is a cinematic, darkly comic, and sui generis psychological thriller that could only have been written by J. Robert Lennon.

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