The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel

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The morning Nora Ratcliff finds a baby in the flowerpot on her front steps her life changes forever. She had always wanted a child, but after her husband passed away, she never thought she would have one. She decides to keep the baby and call her Mabel. As Mabel grows up to everyone's surprise she shows a distinct talent for magic. Before long it also becomes clear that Mabel has a mind of her own. When Mabel is accepted to the prestigious witch school, Ruthersfield Academy, she excels at the magic curriculum but is constantly in trouble for experimenting and inventing her own potions. One day she is asked to write a paper on her magical roots and discovers the truth of her birth. In rebellion, Mabels changes her name to Magnolia and tries to undertstand who could have left her in the flowerpot. Mabel comes to see that it doesn't matter where you came from, and that the best families are people who look after each other and love each other.
The Power of Poppy Pendle Series (3)
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