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Such an amazing book!

Booksandsparkles 11 december 2023
Last weekend I've finished "Holiday Romance", by Catherine Walsh ["Wat ik wil voor Kerst"]. I've enjoyed this book so much! It's going on my 'favourite Christmas books'-list for sure!

Molly and Andrew know each other from flying home to their families in Ireland, every year - same time, same chairs. On their tenth anniversary, a snow storm prevends them from going home, so their adventure begins.... For Molly, Christmas is nothing special, you could perhaps call her a true Grinch. But for Andrew, Christmas and being with his family is everything.

Molly cares a lot about her best flying-friend, so she will do everything that lays in her power to get him home as soon as possible. They only have three days before Christmas.

They go on a crazy adventure with impossible sideways to discover a new way home, but in the meanwhile, Molly also discovers that Andrew might be more important to her that she ever could imagine...


"Holiday Romance" was such a sweet, fun and amazing book! I fell in love with the characters immediately. It was fun to read that shé was the Grinch, and he was the soft sweetheart you immediately fall for. But even though Molly is quite the Grinch, she does have a big heart, which can be seen in how much she cares for Andrew and how badly she wants to help him to get to his family in time.

The romance is such a good build-up. It's a slow burn for sure, but in a delightful way. At some point, a first kiss happens and it really made my heart jump and their story only gets better and better. I really love a good friends to lovers slowburn!

It's also not too spicy, for who's looking for a bit more romance in general, instead of many hot scenes. The story itself is just super adorable, has a lot of humor as well, and you just want to see Molly and Andrew as happy as they can be!

All with all, this was a Christmas story to swoon over, and I really recommend reading this over these holidays. It was a true Holiday Rumance!

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