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Olivia Hofmann is a psychiatrist. Five years ago, her husband and daughter disappeared, never to be found again. Every year on the day of the disappearance she receives a postcard with a message.
The disappearance had cause a mental breakdown, but now she's working again and taking care of her father who is deteriorating with Alzheimer.
Five years ago the murdered of a young girl, Lisa Manz was hot in the papers, she was burned beyond recognision by the killer, a killer who was never found.
When one of Olivia Hofmanns own patients tells her he has seen Lisa Manz, she is curious about the case. Things evolve fast and she meets the former investigator of the case, Levi Kant. The two of them are determined to find out what has happened to Lisa Manz and who killed her.

A classic who don't it story where a frustrated policeman cannot let go of an unsolved case. Not concerned about their own lives and ignoring warnings, the two people keep looking, stubornly.

This story ends with a cliffhanger and althought it would be nice to know the rest of the story, I'm not going to. There was something off with this book. I was not buying the main character, a psychiatrist, only riding a bike, in a lot of disturbance by herself, no, couldn't imagine it. The character of Levi Kant was much better. I saw that there are now two books with him as main character.

The author was new to me, had to look them up. They are Barbara and Christian Schiller, austrian thriller authors who selfpublish their books and sell hunderd thousands of books, successfull in their own country. They have written several series with different main characters, all together some twenty books.

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Don't Forget me - B.C. Schiller
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