This book came in my possession while I was travelling by train. I found a package that someone left behind, it appears to be a book which is supposed to be passed around. You can see who has read it before and where it's been so far.

The first part of the book focusses on Gemma whose going through a pretty rough time while also having to care for her mother. Gemma comes across as a vengefull, bitter drama queen who sets an unpleasant, boring tone during the start of the book. Once you get past her dreadful part you get to meet the other women who give the book a more than welcome pleasant breath of air.
After this the book takes a somewhat unexpected turn. Altough still laden with drama and romance you'll also find some humour and see the characters develop in different ways.

Had the beginning be less of a struggle I might had given it four stars instead of three as I have to admit it does have many ingredients needed to make an entertaining story.

Reacties op: Dramatic feel good chicklit which will have you in tears of laughter

The Other Side of the Story - Marian Keyes
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