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Desperation: a small town in the middle of the Nevada desert. It looks hauntingly familiar with its signs to the Desperation Coffee Shop and Video Spot. Just off the loneliest highway in America, it should be a refuge in a wasteland. But there's something missing. The once thriving copper mining town now seems eerily empty. Almost abandoned. Except for a few desert animals - snake, coyote, buzzard. And of course the local cop patrolling the wilderness road - Desperation's unique regulator.

Headed down Highway 50 are travellers who are never going to reach their destinations. Like the Jacksons, a young professor and his wife going home to New York City; the Carvers, a Wentworth, Ohio family bound for a vacation in Lake Tahoe; and Johnny Marinville, the once famous writer who's getting back on the road with a new book, 'Travels with Harley'.

The secrets embedded in Desperation's landscape are as awesome as the forces summoned to encounter them. When they are unleashed, a terrifying transformation takes place and the wayfarers will begin to discover the true meaning of the word desperation...

In the tradition of The Stand, Desperation is an apocalyptic drama of God and evil, madness and revelation in which the master of horror and suspense tempts you into his literary lion's den. And holds you willingly behind bars.

Welcome. Enter if you dare.
Thrillers & Spanning
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24 september 1996

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Bovennatuurlijke Horror zoals alleen Stephen King dat kan!

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Vlak aan de nagenoeg verlaten highway 50 in Nevada ligt het mijner stadje Desperation. Het bijna volledig van de buitenwereld afgelegen stadje wordt getroffen door een eeuwenoud kwaad dat na jarenlang verborgen geweest te zijn onderin een mijnschacht weer bovenkomt. Het kwaad, Tak genaamd, heeft...

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