The Street Lawyer

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Michael was in a hurry. He was scrambling up the lader at Drake & Sweeney, a giant D.C. firm with 800 lawyers. he money was good and getting better, a partnership was three years away. He was a rising star, with no time to waste, not time to stop, no time to toss a few coins into the cups of panhandlers, no time to walk around them on the sidewalk. No time for a conscience. But a violent encounter with a homeless man stopped him cold. Michael survived, is assailant did not. Who was this homeless man? Michael did some digging and learned that he was a mentally ill veteran who'd been in and out of shelters for twenty years. Then Michael dug a little deeper, and found a dirty secret, and the secret involved Drake & Sweeney.
Thrillers & Spanning
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01 januari 1998
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