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Loved it!

AnnekeT 01 december 2023
I received this book together with the second part of the Timekeeper Chronicles, Trials & Errors. Since the book is in English, I'll try to write my review in English too. Hopefully I will not make to many mistakes.

I loved the story. It is easy to read for me.
There are different main characters, but each chapter is written from the viewpoint of one of them. Also there are two timelines, 'history' and 'present'. The 'history' chapters have the time (700 years ago) beneath the titel of the chapter. That makes it easier to switch. The characters are worked out during the story.
There are also two main nations, the Archai and the Daenor, who are in conflict with each other. And then there are the returning 'special gifts'.
All in all a lot of different Elements ;) that together make a great story.

At the beginning of certain chapters I had the idea that I missed something in the last chapter of that characters storyline. For instance in the beginning of one of the chapters, Rodrick is suddenly wounded (again), while I can't find that in the chapter about him before that.

Also I am curious about the mysterious timekeepers, like Ty in the prologue. And about the murderer at the end. I guess I will discover more about that in the next book.

Dit boek heb ik gelezen in het kader van de Faceboek groep Boekentoer.

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