In a world where automae (very human-like robots) and humans are constantly in conflict, a human girl is looking for revenge for the deaths of her family members.

A beautifully written story that took me on an emotional rollercoaster and made me question why I do a lot of the things we humans do in life.

Nina Varela did a great job at describing the characters and their relationships. The connections between people felt very real to me and I was feeling everything these characters did. All the love and all the pain.
The concept of automae and their outlook on human life was refreshing to read about and made me question a lot of the things we as humans do. It kept me thinking whenever I put this book down and I'm sure I'll keep thinking about it even long after I've read it. There were some amazing plot twists that I didn't see coming and the pacing overal was great, keeping me at the edge of my seat almost the entire time.
I am so glad I picked up Varela's debut novel and am much looking forward to continue exploring her very well crafter world.

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Crier's War - Nina Varela
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