4.5 stars for this amazing sequel!

This was a short book, but with a lot of content. From the first chapter, I was immediately sucked back into the story.
The whole world seemed to expand. We got to know some of the characters even better, while there were also new characters introduced. I especially loved how we learned a lot about a couple of the magical creatures.
For the first time there were scenes that didn't take place inside the academy and it was refreshing to see how magic was contained to specific places and how people with magical capabilities make their living.

The different classes kept me interested the whole time and I enjoyed seeing the characters grow their capabilities with magic.

After the first book, I was left with a lot of questions, which lead to some great revelations in this sequel.
Personally, I wish there would have been a few more of my questions answered. Because of these mysteries though, I'm now very excited to read the next book

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Dragonsworn - Marty Mayberry
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