I recieved a digital version of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book gave me similar vibes as Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and Richelle Meads Vampire academy series.

4.5 Stars

From reading the synopsis, I already knew I was going to like our smartass main charackter Zalia. I love how she is witty, but also nerdy and brave. The events in this book really turn her life around and I loved how she progressed and really showed growth throughout this story.

The pacing of the story was great. There were some moments where we got deep dialog to get to know the characters alternated with more high paced action scenes. I loved how the suspence kept growing and it made me fly through the last 100 pages.

The workings of the academy were explained very well and early on so I could immediatly be engulfed in the story. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the world outside of Night Shade Academy in the sequel.

I especially appreciated that the sisterly bond was one of the main points of focus in this book, relationship wise. It was very believable. I feel like the storyline with Brody, on the other hand, could have been more detailed, so that's why I'm not giving it the full 5 stars. Also (view spoiler)

Overall I absolutely enjoyed reading Nigh Shade Academy. I was kept in suspence until the very end and am now curiously awaiting the second book.

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Night Shade Academy - Kelly Carrero
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