A story with amazing charactars who have a wide range of magical powers and abilities. I very much enjoyed reading this.

Fleur is an interesting main character. I loved seeing how she was constantly amazed whenever she learned a new thing about the world she is now a part of. Her roommate Patrice or Patty for friends, was definately my favorite side character. I absolutely loved her bubbly personality since that is something you don't often see in fantasy books.

All of the characters had enough of a backstory to them to really get invested, but there was also a lot of mistery surrounding most of them, which i found really intriging. It left me wanting to read on and learn more. The problem I had with this book tho, was the villain.

Plotwise, I loved discovering the world and abilities along with our main character fleur. There were so many elements put into this magic system, but I loved it for that.

It was fun to be able to read the first chapter of the next book, which was included at the end of the story. This sample made me want to read the next book as well.

Reacties op: exciting and suspenseful with great characters

Crystal Wing Academy - Marty Mayberry
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