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Another ARC by Karen King! A few months ago, I read the ARC for The Mother-In-Law, which I absolutely loved, so I was very excited to receive the The Family Reunion from NetGalley. Once again, Karen King did not disappoint!

In The Family Reunion we follow Mary, a retired nurse who recently lost her husband. Apart from her husband's death, there's only one thing on Mary's mind: finding her long-lost first-born daughter, Hope. Just having ended a whirlwind relationship with a boy who didn't turn out to be who he said he was, 15 year-old Mary was forced to abandon Hope in a phone-booth merely hours after she gave birth to her. She never told anyone, not Hope's father, not her husband, not her children, Joanne and Jason, who now both have families of their own. At first, Mary is delighted to reunite with Hope, who now goes by Cathy. But not everything is what it seems at first glance. When more and more suspicious things start to happen, Mary must face the truth. Does she truly know Cathy? And can the family trust her?

I thoroughly enjoyed The Family Reunion. Throughout the book I had a few suspicions of what could be happening and while I did get one part right, the other parts of the plot came as a surprise. Once again, King managed to get some great twists into her book. Every time you think you might know what happened, there's another twist to get you to rethink everything. King's writing is gripping. This may be a personal preference, but I love that she writes short chapters. I'd much rather read 300 pages split into 70 than 20 chapters. When the story was almost finished, I still felt like something was wrong, but the last twist solved it for me. I did think we started off a bit slow. I wouldn't have minded to go a bit faster in the first half, but especially once we get to the cabin, the ball really starts rolling. I read those last 100 pages in one sitting. Definitely recommend to people who enjoy slow-burning domestic thrillers.

Reacties op: Very gripping!

The Family Reunion - Karen King
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