oly effing crap! This book was all that I hoped it would be and more. It's been a long while ago that I read the Shining but it didn't matter, things come back to you, and I didn't even really need to read the Shining to get this book. To me, it can be read as a stand alone. I'm so glad that Stephen King was moved to write Danny's book, that I got to see him as an adult and see how the aftermath of what happened to him and his mother in the Overlook Hotel. Taking it all back to his shining and adding even more mysterious and ghostly things. I'm always pleasantly surprised when a book can get one over on me, it doesn't happen often, and it did in Doctor Sleep, a few times. This is a must read book if you're a Stephen King fan, if you've read The Shining or not or if you just want to read a really freaking awesome book!
Look, The Shining is one of my favorite books of all time. So when I saw there was a sequel I was equal parts nervous and excited (because sometimes sequels are trash compared to the original). But this is Stephen King we're talking about, so my fears were unnecessary.

I LOVED that this book showed what happened to Danny after the events at the Overlook, and didn't pick up where the shining left off. Seeing how the horrors he experienced affected him was infinitely more interesting than where Wendy got a job. And to see Dan be broken by his past and then put himself back together was incredible. The book does an amazing job of showing how your past will always impact your present, but it doesn't have to ruin it.

For me the True Knot and Abra storyline was interesting, but not so much as Dan's journey. It seemed almost like they were there to give Dan something to do and a way to complete his journey. That being said, some of the scenes were just as horrific as the shining, and the characters were so interesting. King is a master of his craft.

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Doctor Sleep - Stephen King
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