The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts is an intelligent, emotive and compelling thriller which examines a child murder, a new identity and the fall-out when that identity is revealed. A study of power, family and crossing the line, it is unputdownable and a brave and emotive read.
This is a compelling page turner of a book with a pervading sense of unease running through it. I was struck by the way that Alice Clark-Platts was able to weave a narrative that was oozing with ominous threat and dark deeds yet contained characters that were believable and realistic and dare I say it, elicited sympathy from me.
I loved the contrast between child Laurel and Rosie and adult Laurel and Hazel, the innocence and naivety comparing nicely with the vastly different lives they are leading. For instance, Hazel has settled into a relationship with a man who knows about her past and she is building a relationship with his teenage daughter, Evie. Laurel on the other hand is facing the parole board again and a campaign group named Bang to Rights are pushing for her to stay behind bars.

The way this book unravels, the twists and turns it takes whilst remaining sensitive to the subject matter is wonderful and I found it a thrilling, unsettling and compelling read. It is one of those books that you just have to talk about and I predict big things.
Clark-Platts created these characters expertly and really dove deep into this contemporary world where the Flower Girls have created such an impact in history as one of the most horrific crimes. Each character was its own individual personality with vivid backstories and hooked you right in with how they all connected and surrounded the facts of the initial crime.
This book changes you. Okay, it might not, but it was amazing. I bewildered many people because I couldn’t stop myself from yelling at this book while reading it, especially during those last 50 pages where the plot twists just kept coming.

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The Flower Girls - Alice Clark-Platts
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