After reading Autumn from Ali Smith I had to read Winter as well. As always with a sequel there is something that I have to overcome before really starting in this new book. I think it has something to do with the fear of it not being as good and not spoiling the enjoyment of knowing you still have a masterpiece in your tbr pile.

Last weekend I started and as with Autumn it was not an easy start. The book starts with three pages of things gaat are dead or nearly dead. Followed by an older lady that is visited by a floating in the air head. I had to restart reading from the first page a couple of times. It was only halfway in the book that I could see the threads connecting and the book gripped me. It is again about people, family failing to really connect, but also about Brexit, Trump, refugees, climate change. It really demands you to think about that and your role. Having said that it is a very poetic book, connecting art and literature. And you feel all through the book the love for people, including their imperfections, and that making the effort of connecting is rewarding and will help is to make this place a better world.

Can not wait to read Spring.

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Winter - Ali Smith
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