I absolutely adore how this book is written. The fact that Ransom Riggs makes it as if an actual peculiar has researched and written this entire book, is awesome. It really adds a whole new dimension. I loved the author's notes and additions, which again made for an extra layer in the stories. The stories are wonderfully weird, pretty peculiar, interestingly intriguing and awfully amazing. They have horrifying heroes, unexpected endings and original plots. Side note: this is definitely the most beautiful book I own and I love the illustrations as well.

On to the stories themselves:
Splendid cannibals: wonderfully weird and every bit as unexpected. It's very impressive how the author can make something so usually horrible so demanding of respect and even likable.
The tongue-forked princess: this one feels a little unfinished. It's not so much that I crave a happy ending, but the story didn't seem to be ending at all. I do love that the cliché ending was avoided.
The first Ymbryne: backstory! I enjoyed reading about the history of peculiars and their struggle very much. It was interesting and exciting.
The woman who befriended ghosts: I liked this story, but I didn't love it. I feel like it could have been creepier and it was a little long for my taste. I do like the ending though.
Cocobolo: this story is so original. I have never seen anything like it and it was so heart-wrenching and tear-jerking. I was hesitant at first, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.
The pigeons of Saint Paul: I had a hard time with this story. It doesn't feel that peculiar and I can't relate with the pigeons. It's difficult to see them as proud and vengeful for me.
The girl who could tame nightmares: a pretty peculiar and awfully amazing tale. Again, really original and I enjoyed both endings. I do think the title is wrong because the endings show that Lavinia, in fact, can't tame nightmares.
The locust: a very weird and interestingly intriguing story. I loved learning more about peculiars in general and it had a heartwarming ending. I cried... A must-read for everyone with daddy issues.
The boy who could hold back the sea: this tale makes me disappointed in humankind, even more than all the others. It was a little long and sad for my taste, but I liked the happy ending.
The tale of Cuthbert: this story has a different type of build-up than the rest of the tales. Though other stories have fantastically embellishing notes from the author, I loved that the author mentions that he himself decided to write an alternative/additive ending. It was a sad and short story, but rather beautiful.

I will definitely be rereading this multiple times! After all, I am a sucker for fairy tales even if there are no fairies involved.

Reacties op: Wonderfully weird, pretty peculiar, interestingly intriguing and awfully amazing

Tales of the peculiar - Ransom Riggs
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