I intend to read very various books, because I just like to read, but this one didn't get my expectation. (n.b. I read in Nederlands but I'm not confident enough to write a review in Nederlands, therefore: English review)
I read this book because my son had to read it for school (he is 15). I was expecting a youth book but this is far of being a youth book, I mean those philosophical existential questions in a mind of a boy of 16 years old... who meets a girl of about the same age with, let's face it, a drinking problem and smoking like a chimney... The book is written by a grown-up for a grown-up public, this is not a youth book, it's a sort nightmare for a parent who tries to give to a child a right education (I agree, we were all young at some point and we all did stupid stuff)
I gave 2 stars, because they were some funny moments and there was a sort of story.
I'm sure that there plenty others who thinks the book is great, but not for me (my personal opinion)

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Het grote misschien - John Green
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