I challenge you to find any one more skeptic about these books than I am.
Cats that are warriors? That can talk? In fight with other 'clans'? I saw these books as nice light reads for 12-14 year old children. They seemed too childish to me. Several of the people that I follow, as they have similar reading interests, rated these books very high. I could get the first edition very cheap, and tried it.

I was not prepared for how much I would love this. I got sucked in after the first chapter (being still VERY skeptical reading those initial chapters). After I started to understand the structures of the clans and learned about the individual characters, clan behaviors and inter -cat- relationships, I needed to finish this book as soon as possible. I wanted to see where the story was going. I laughed, cried and gasped.
The storyline is so well done,that you overlook the weird 'meow talking' references. This was such a great read.

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