Wuthering Heights is a gorgeous, epic novel of love and revenge, full of passion and unforgettable character.
Heathcliff is interpreted as a misunderstood romantic. Heathcliff's pride and suffering make him cruel, menacing, and his and Cathy's end is not the stuff of fairy tales. However, the novel is thrilling, and it is full of its own kind of romance. It's also worth noting that there are almost certainly ghosts in this book, though Bronte leaves it up to the reader whether or not to believe.
WUTHERING HEIGHTS is a poetic masterpiece of love and revenge. Every emotion felt by the characters is so high, or so low, their feelings alone make the novel a thrilling ride. The book is unconventional in a sense, in that there are arguably no real heroes or heroines, but the story is a serious page-turner, and the characters' feelings take on a riveting life of their own.
It's a book that carries a certain weight, a sense of heaviness and density even before it's read for the first time.

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Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë
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