A war story that starts right at the end of WWII, in a quiet little town in the Netherlands. A young couple helps shelter war refugees in their own attic. A lonely life for this pregnant woman and her loving husband. Although life hasn´t been easy, they managed to get around with the rations and the extra (secret) mouths to feed. Right at the moment that Clasien is giving birth to their first child, new people are looking for a place to be safe; the Cohen couple.
What happens next is a story of betrayal, regret, bravery and most of all love. This book will make your heart jump, sink, break and warm again. A story that grips you from the start and keeps you wanting to read on.
I can highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a war -era novel that shows the cruelty of war without leaving to much of a mark, the focus of the book is rebuilding and friendship in times of needs. A love that surpasses everything else.

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