The Fourth Soul

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A battle with the Devil, a curse and a house full of ghosts.

That is what 16-year-old Dante Banner inherited from his father. According to an ancient prophecy he is the powerful Mage that will stop the Devil from reaching the Earth.
It all sounds so promising and hopeful, but nothing is ever as easy as it looks in the magical world. Especially when bad luck follows you around, making it even more difficult to save the souls the Devil needs to escape Hell.

Thankfully not all is dark and gloomy. Dante and his friends find a hidden room in the mansion, with a powerful tool inside. Fate finally seems to be on their side, until they lose the new Cards of Death. With no idea where to search for the next soul to save, they are fighting blind.
It is not long before they walk into a trap and come face to face with an evil entity without a body. Can Dante defeat this enemy and keep his Shield intact? Or will this be his final battle?
Young adult
Cards of Death (4)
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Amazon Publishing
Laatste editie
01 februari 2020

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