The Second Premonition

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After a terrifying premonition, Dante knows for sure his destiny is not yet fulfilled. A new set of demonic cards appears. To keep the Devil in Hell, Dante has to save the person they point to. He is the only one who can, but he will need all the powers he can gather to succeed.
However, the Shield of ghosts that protects him has weakened and he doesn’t have full control over his own powers yet.

Dante barely has time to register the depth of the magical world he has just discovered before more evil comes his way. Devilish surprises jump him from every corner. Will he be strong enough to save the world, and himself?
Fantasy & SF
Cards of Death
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31 mei 2019

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Top serie van Tamara!

door: Ursula Visser 1 like
The second book in 'the Cards of Death', shows a growth of Dante. He gets a second set of cards, and another bone chilling premonition. He keeps dreaming a far more personal event, which leaves him shaken, as he tries to prevent it from becoming a reality. His Shield is weakened from the last war,...

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