Their Silent Graves

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Dressed in garish Halloween costumes, two teenage girls run through a patch of dense woodland towards the outskirts of town. But before they can reach the safety of the streets beyond, they make a shocking discovery. Following a piece of old rope, the girls find a large mound of freshly laid earth, undisturbed in the darkness of the trees. Clawing at the ground beneath them, they make contact with something solid. When they realise what they’ve discovered, the silence is broken by their piercing screams as they stare down at the shallow grave. Without looking back, they run as fast as they can, failing to spot the person nearby watching their every move… And when another grave is found just days later, it’s clear a serial killer is preying on the small town. But who is the killer watching now? And when will another grave be filled? If you like Angela Marsons, Cara Hunter and Clare Mackintosh, you’ll love this heart-racing thriller from bestselling author, Carla Kovach. With gripping suspense and a twist you won’t see coming, Their Silent Graves will have you hooked from page one.

Thrillers & Spanning
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17 september 2020

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Full of suspense

door: mick dubois 1 like ebook
Another book with a beautiful dedication: “To all who have suffered loss or illness during this year of pandemic.” The book starts out with 2 very disturbing scenes of the past. - 24 years ago a coffin-maker watches how his friend locks his wife up in the shed and beats her regularly. - 12...

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