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Okay, where to start? Well let's just say that this was an absolute 5 star read for me, wow. I devoured this book, loved the beautiful sentences and the way the story was woven together. In my opinion, this book is truly a masterpiece.

The story shifts between the modern world (2014) and the different decades of Addie's life. It contains so much history and it just makes the story seem more and more real. Eventhough Addie is more than 300 years old, nobody she's ever met remembers her. She's almost a ghost, seen but instantly forgotten when out of sight. Then enter Henry Strauss, a New Yorker who works in a bookstore. Addie comes in and steals a book, the next day she comes in to return it. Henry doesn't except it, because he remembers her. The one thing Addie has longed for has finally happened.

The story isn't fast paced, but it is so beautiful. It is about love and the importance of words, making deals that shouldn't be made. I don't really know what else to say, but wow. I have nothing but praise for this book. It is absolutely amazing.

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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue - V. E. Schwab
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