My first book read by Sara Holland and I really enjoyed it.
The book starts of by building this new fantasy world, where a lot of the books pages are dedicated just to that.
If this would have been a standalone book, I wouldn't have wanted to continue reading about the build-up at some point and be like, when is the action coming?

I found it refreshing that the heroine knew all along that even-though she is human, she is part of something special. There is a future laid out for her in this incredible fantasy world. It's not your typical standard girl that finds out she has superpowers or something. The super powers she possesses are inherent to her character, which you see nicely develop throughout the storyline.

As mentioned, the build up is slow and even with the build-up I still struggle with some details. E.g. if this is an unknown existing place on earth, how can you keep it unknown. The building is visible but the people inside are not giving away the weirdness about it?

The love story feels genuine. the fact that there is some queer relationship building that was already an existing part of the lives of the people involved, made it believable.

At the end a few great twists and turns appear and you are left wanting more. I am in any case :) I am definitely anxious to read the next chapter in the story of Havenfall.

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Havenfall - Sara Holland
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