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When you find the body of your murdered lover, what do you do? Bonnie Graham calls her best friend and asks for help getting rid of it. But is that the action of an innocent woman? Bonnie is devastated by the death of Hayden, an enigmatic musician with a mysterious, unknown past. And hiding her part in his disappearance is taking its toll. How much longer can she keep up appearances before she cracks? The police are taking a keen interest in her movements and when it comes to light that Hayden had been beating her, suddenly there's a motive. But Hayden had many enemies, among them Bonnie's ex-boyfriend, Amos, and long-time admirer, Neal. And one thing is certain, Bonnie wasn't the only woman he was seeing at the time of his death. As Hayden's complicated past is revealed, it becomes all too clear that everyone is telling lies. But is anyone prepared to tell the truth to uncover the murderer? +

Thrillers & Spanning
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01 januari 2010

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