Ho-ly cow. This was a really tough one for me to get through. It's not as thick of a book I usually read but the way it's built up was quite a challenge. There you have 50 different people talking about 50 different things and of course, some people have the same name as well as two different nicknames...

What I loved:
- Getting to know more about the Pythons
- Getting to know more about what they did before and after the movies
- Getting to know more about how the Pythons became who they are now
- The pictures! My, my, the pictures

What I missed
- Fun facts about things that happened or how they came up with the stuff they did. The texts were fairly dry and process focused. I was expecting that the book would make me grin more than it did. It's not very 'fun', it's more a documentary and a behind-the-scenes.

It is VERY extensive tho haha! And I did find some interesting facts and funny anecdotes. I would recommend the book after you have seen EVERYTHING. I've only seen the movies a few times and a few episodes, but to really get everything, you should first watch everything.

Reacties op: An English review for some lovely English chaps: What. A. Quest.

Monty Python Speaks - David Morgan
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