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Well done!

Priscilla 25 oktober 2023
I told the author I would be brutally honest.. So here is my honest review about ‘Only the living feel remorse’.

This is a short horror story and Ash described the background of the story and the characters very well! It was definitely enough to see the whole picture.

The short chapters, the smooth writing style made it fast paced and easy to read.

There's a lot going on in this story that kept it from being boring and you can definitely feel that it's building up to something!

The characters were interesting, but I’m not sure if I liked the* main character Michael.

He’s full of self pity and that made him annoying from time to time*.

You sympathize with him but on the other hand you despise him because he did something terrible.
He just didn't seem completely credible to me because he knows he has done something bad but also shouts* very loud that it is not his fault. (Dude, you killed your best friend!)

Some of his choices didn’t make sense, that could be worked out better in my opinion. (Just to feel it more).

His personality felt a bit like Jekyll and Hyde sometimes. But that also had its charm.

My feelings might have been different if it had been written in* third person.

There were clear differences between classes (the ones who got to college and the ones*? who didn’t*).
The relationships and dynamics between characters were visible and sensible.

The graphics were awesome and I absolutely loved the gory parts!

It was a fun and quick read. A haunting story of making wrong choices, grief and remorse.

I really loved the end of this story and it left me with an uneasy feeling.

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