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The lighthouse murder mystery series is a cozy crime serie, situated in and around a lighthouse-library. Lucy is librarian and finds herself time after time in trouble with dead bodys. She is a great help to detective Watson, but she brings herself in danger with her investigations.

Deadly ever after is part 8. Lucy and Conner are planning a wedding. When the engagement dinner is come to an end, a dead men is found behind the restaurant. It’s a business partner of the law firm of Lucy’s father in Boston. Why is the men here? And who is the killer?

It’s a nice story. Lucy has to deal with family and friends of the family, as in her ex-fiancé Ricky and his mother. They are suspects, because the dead men is there father/husband. Lucy is very busy with her work, the search for a new house tot live in with Connor, babysitting a little fluffy dog and also her investigation. It completes this story.

This book a nice read. Because is part 8, Lucy is now more familiar to the reader, and so are all the persons around her. The fact that in this story the novel of The hound of the Baskervilles is playing a big part, is a great extra.

Deadly ever after is a nice cozy crime. With nice characters, old and new. Lucy and Conner make a great couple and the setting of The Lighthouse library is the best. Looking forward to part 9.

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Deadly Ever After - Eva Gates
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