No matter which books you have on your TBR...put it aside, because this Sci-fi series is a mustread.

I finished the series....and I am blown away. 5 Stars...easy!
This review might contain minor spoilers.

Turn away and buy the books.... LOL.


The last book of the series is working towards the climax of the war between Sheadon and the Alliance, as can be expected. The common goal to defeat the dreaded Sheadon, unites people, worlds even. The search for the important tomes is relentless. In the end, the prophecy is about using the Prime Spell of Air, which is said to wipe out the Sheadon once and for all.

Although Räz Numera plays a key role in this entire story, the other characters give this series what makes it so special. Xer'xis, Lerion, Emerson, Vester, Kayla, Baynam, Avatica, Vyrex, Serra to name a few…you gave sass, flavour and spunk to the series. Grummus, I love this gentle creature, his smart mind. Sedora, girl you have come a long way. Kudos for you. Chando, your journey is one of my favourites. Maraxi the High Councillor, you are ruthless, thinking you are doing the right thing. Jesse, I cannot imagine being in your shoes.

The Sheadon…ugh.

Jeffrey Debris writes about species as if it is a fact of normal life, and when I read these books, for me they were just like anyone else, whether they have a resemblance to a reptile, mammal or robot, the writing is excellent. Humans are not the most important species in this series, and that makes it interesting.

For the main characters of this series, their story-arc comes full circle, and given the amount of characters, that is no small task. The good guys aren’t always good, and the bad guys show glimpses of mercy.

This would make one hell of a TV-show!

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The Xoron Redemption - Jeffrey Debris
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