Book two of this amazing series was even better! The way the different story-lines flow in the book is amazing. Never confusing because of the number of characters, but intriguing, exiting, and I often laughed at some hilarious dialogue.

I HATE THE Shaedon. They are an awful species that take over another body. They use it to their will, but they can also transform it into something else entirely. They play with their pray as a cat does with a mouse.

Grummus and Räz continue their mission to save whomever they can, while their lives change in an instant, and with it comes a responsibility they might not be ready for...

Serra Gomez, Philbin, Guilty Ember, Glowing Envy are trying to find the android factory. Philbin might have the answer to getting rid of that problem...but at a cost.

Chando has a secret which he can no longer keep to himself.

Lerion, Vester, Emeron and Vyrex prepare their attack on the Sheadon on another level...and get themselves into a heap of trouble. (tissues needed)

Maraxi the High Councillor is just.... frustrating!

This series just has it all, and I am quickly starting the final book.

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The Zar'aranos deception - Jeffrey Debris
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